Gatteville’s phare

The Lighthouse of Gatteville

phare de Gatteville

Located in the extreme north-east of the English Channel, the lighthouse of Gatteville offers a magnificent panorama to the various visitors who bravely climbed its steps.
As a result of shipwrecks due to strong currents (the “raz de Gatteville” and the “raz blanchard” are two areas of strong current in the English Channel and have caused numerous strandings) and pitfalls, a first coal lamp and then operated with oil lamps built in 1774, under the reign of Louis XVI. One can quote the striking stranding of the Norman ship “blanche-nef” (“white nave”) during which many noblemen of the time died, including the heir to the throne of England, Guillaume Adelin, son of King Henry I Beauclerc.

The latter became a semaphore when the current lighthouse was completed in 1835 to support modern lenses. It is always present behind the current lighthouse tower.


Ask at the front desk to open the front door at the bottom of the lighthouse. The climb of the spiral staircase of 365 steps leads you to a superb panorama and the invigorating air of the coastline of the Val de Saire. You can go around once at the top of the lighthouse. Admire in particular the mill restored by a private individual located not far in the direction of the south.

Time table

The lighthouse of Gatteville is open every day from February to mid-November and during the Christmas holidays from 10 am to 12 pm and from 2 pm. Depending on the time of year, the end time varies:

February 16h
March 17h
April 18h
May to August (closed May 1st) 19h
september 18h
october 17h
november, décember 16h

note1: Minors under 16 must be accompanied by an adult (over 18).
note2: closed to the public in winds greater than 50 km / h (force 7)
and / or thunderstorms.

The lighthouse of Gatteville filmed bydimension-drone (jacques Renoir) en 2016


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